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What is Oil and Gas Trading

In terms of product value, petroleum (gas) and energy are the largest business in the world. US oil is the most actively traded commodity worldwide. The price of Oil has been a major topic economically due to an incredibly fast rise followed by an even faster drop in 2008. As a result of improved information and a very liquid and fast moving market, Oil and Natural Gas products have become a fast-growing segment for retail investors.
With RealFX you can trade on 3 types of energy products. We offer CFD contracts of the following commodities: US Oil, Brent and Natural Gas.

Factors Affect the Prices of Energy Products

Oil and gas are physical commodities and their prices are affected by the forces of supply and demand for the commodity itself. Here are some key factors that will affect the price of oil and other energy products:

Demand affecting factors

forex-RealFXWeather / Seasons
Weather conditions will have a serious impact on prices. A very cold winter or a hot summer will increase demand for these products as they are used to heat homes and also to power air conditioning units. These products are, by their nature, affected by seasons. In general, demand for these products will be higher in winter months.

Automotive industry
An increase in car sales will increase demand for oil, while more efficient engines will reduce demand.

Increase in fuel tax / road tolls / tax on air travel, will cause a reduction in demand for oil and thus the price.

The heavy use of oil and natural gas is detrimental to the environment causing pollution and climate change. Increasing awareness and conscience of this, combined with technological advances improving the efficiency of renewable energy sources will have a lowering effect on the oil price.

Global economy
As we saw in 2008 – 2009, the credit crunch and global recession has caused a huge drop in oil prices. In general, weaker economies will have less demand for oil, and growing economies will have more.

Supply affecting factors

The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries is a cartel consisting of 12 oil producing nations including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Nigeria. As of April 2009, OPEC contributed 33.3% of the world's oil production. This significant portion coming from effectively 1 source allows OPEC considerable impact on the price of oil. Alteration in OPEC's supply is arguably the factor that has the most impact on oil prices, (in the short term at least).

As is seen in the past, (the 1973 oil embargo for example), growing political tensions or conflict can greatly affect the price of oil, and is certainly prevalent in recent times with the war in Iraq and growing animosity between the western and Arab worlds.

Other nations' production levels and inventories
As with OPEC, but in a lesser degree, the production levels, or stocks, of oil for other oil-producing nations, such as members of the OECD or Russia and the other post-Soviet states, will have an impact on oil supply, and, thus, the price.

Natural Expiry
As these products are fossil fuels, they have a finite lifespan and as such, over many years, supply will naturally diminish and the price will, in theory, rise.

Why Should I Trade Energy Products

Energy products such as Oil and Natural gas are excellent ways to invest in global commodity products. Here are some key points to consider when trading these products:

These products, especially oil, have been very volatile in recent times. Not just the sharp rise and fall over the last 2 years, but also the intra-day price can be very volatile creating large day trading ranges and thus allowing you to make substantial profits.

As oil is very widely traded, and has been in the press a great deal of late, there is plenty of information available, including weekly oil inventory reports, that allow traders to make informed decisions.

Liquidity and price transparency
Although it is to a lesser extent than currencies, oil and energies are widely traded electronically and so there is good liquidity in the market and clear prices available.