Terms and Conditions for Rescue Bonus

Note: – This Bonus Program is only intended to protect accounts from drawdown periods.

  • The 30% Rescue Bonus will be deposited on request into the relevant Trading Account.
  • The 30% Rescue Bonus will be applied on Every deposit of USD500 or more for the relevant trading account.
  • The 30% Rescue Bonus Program can only be applied to one account per client.
  • The 30% Rescue Bonus cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.
  • A client may not receive any notification of the margin call if his account starts losing the bonus amount before his actual equity falls below 80% of used margin.
  • The maximum TOTAL RESCUE BONUS that can be claimed is 7,000 USD per client.
  • 30% amount of Rescue Bonus will be withdrawn by Realfxmarket when the client makes a withdrawal from their account. The bonus will only be withdrawn when client withdraws from initial deposit only.For example, if a client withdraws $100 from the initial deposit of $300, $30 will be deducted automatically from the 30% Rescue Bonus amount that had been awarded to client.
  • Any bonus amount that has been removed cannot be reclaimed upon a client making subsequent deposits into the account. This means that any bonus claimed, lost or removed counts towards maximum Rescue bonus of 7000 USD.
  • If the client withdraws all of their own funds from a trading account to which the 30% Rescue bonus has been applied, any remaining 30% Rescue Bonus amounts that have been credited to the account will be removed from their account.